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Online Payment ServicepagoPA

Make your payments to the public administration quickly and securely via EasyPol.

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Online Payments

Paying PagoPA online: all the advantages.

Paying PagoPA with EasyPol is convenient and fast.

Thanks to the unique code, the payment is secure and error-proof.

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Your receipts will always be available within your account.
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Don't forget any future deadlines by setting reminders.
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Your transactions are secure thanks to the 3D Secure protocol.

Paying taxes and fees

Pay taxes and fees to the Public Administration

The PagoPA platform is a system for paying taxes, fees and taxes online in a secure and convenient way. This system was introduced in Italy to simplify the payment process for users and reduce the risk of online fraud.

Payment pagopa

How pagoPA payment works

PagoPA is an electronic payment system that allows you to make online payments in a simple and secure way. The service is managed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and used by the Italian state to collect taxes, municipal taxes, fines and penalties. EasyPol interfaces with maximum security to this payment system, making the operation simple and transparent.


What payments are possible with pagoPA?

PagoPA offers the possibility of making payments for taxes, fees, utilities, membership fees, stamps and any other type of payment to central and local public administrations, and also to other entities, such as publicly owned companies, schools, universities and local health authorities.