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We want to save you the most precious resource:
your time

We are working on a future in which digital payments are smarter and accessible to everyone.

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Our mission is to allow the development of digital payments in Italy.

EasyPol aims to be a revolution in online payments, simplifying the relationship between citizens and the public administration.
We aim, among others, to bridge the gap and the delay in the diffusion of digital payments in Italy compared to the European average through a easy, fast and safe solution

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“An app to manage payments with the Public Administration, abolishing queues and waits.”
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“Fines and taxes will be paid with the smartphone thanks to the new EasyPol app”
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“It allows you to settle all the alerts of 23,000 institutions in a few seconds.”
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“The transaction takes place securely thanks to the technology of the partner Nexi.”
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“It's the only app that allows you to pay directly without registering.”
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“Paying the public administration without waiting: here is the EasyPoL app”