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Pay the ACI stamp duty of your car, motorbike or trailer online.

In seconds and online, convenient and secure

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Online Payments

Paying the ACI tax online: all the advantages.

Paying stamp duty with EasyPol is convenient and fast.

Thanks to consultation of ACI data the payment is safe and error-proof.

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Your receipts will always be available within your account.
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Don't forget any deadlines by saving your vehicles in the garage.
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Your transactions are secure thanks to the 3D Secure protocol.

Paying Stamps

Pay your car, motorbike or trailer tax online

Enter your number plate and pay your vehicle's annual fee conveniently and quickly.

Deadline check

Checking the expiry date of your car or motorbike tax stamp

There are penalties if the car vignette payment is not made by the due date. Don't take any chances, check now in our vignette payment section.

Fee Deadline

When does the car tax expire?

Usually, the payment for the renewal of car tax must be made in the month following the expiry of the previous payment. For example, if the due date of the vignette is December, the renewal payment must be made by the following month, i.e. by January.