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From now on, paying postal notes, MAV and RAV is easy, fast and secure.

Upload and pay all your postal slips, MAVs and RAVs in a few simple steps.

Pagamenti sicuri con EasyPol
Online Payments

Paying postal slips, MAV and RAV online: all the advantages.

Paying bills with EasyPol is convenient and fast.

Thanks to the unique code on the bulletin, the payment is safe and error-proof.

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Your receipts will always be available within your account.
archiviazione automatica


Don't forget any future deadlines by setting reminders.
archiviazione automatica


Your transactions are secure thanks to the 3D Secure protocol.
Available payments

What can you pay with bulletins?

With online bulletins you can pay for utilities, taxes, subscriptions and much more.
MAV bulletin is generally used by public bodies, municipalities, schools.
The RAV bulletin, on the other hand, is used to pay sums registered in the role.